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You may be interested in becoming a well-known author in your home country or around the world. Possibly something that you can brag about to your friends and family members, as well as other acquaintances

Contribute to Our Work The platform, emailthatworks.net, is one that we’ve been gushing about for quite some time. A skill that not everyone is capable of mastering is the ability to write well.

In search of ambitious, enthusiastic, and professional writers and authors who can assist us in getting the most out of their time and effort spent on them, we are constantly on the lookout.

We already know what you or other readers would like to read, and posting the write list that you have created may bring us new readers who are similar to yourself. It’s a straightforward process. You might be wondering if you need to be a professional writer in order to accomplish all of this; however, here’s something that will open your eyes: all you need is fluency in English, the ability to make your listing a fun read even, and the ability to express your passion for something unusual but appealing to others, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Write for us in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

The fact that Google is one of the most widely used search engines on the internet should not be taken for granted. Are we on the same page when it comes to this? Yes, this is truly remarkable.

If you are an experienced writer who is capable of optimizing material based on keywords for the article to be published among a variety of websites, you would likely be considered for the position of SEO Write for Us.

Most importantly, we expect you to create original and visually appealing content that will entice people to spend some time with us.

We would like you to make certain that your article is well-versed in a few terms and practises, such as those listed below, even though your content must, without a doubt, adhere to the Google Guidelines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Digital marketing is a term that refers to the use of the internet to market products and services. It is also known as online marketing.

Using social media to market your business

Take, for example, email marketing.


You will be compensated for SEO write-ups in order to ensure that your expertise is sufficiently recognized and appreciated if it is of a high enough quality to provide us with value in exchange for your labour.

Marketing: We are looking for writers to join our team.

Market Research Write for Us is a subset of SEO Write for Us that is primarily concerned with the creation of content for marketing and advertising purposes. It is similar to SEO Write for Us in that it is content that is primarily written to achieve marketing objectives.

The Marketing Department of emailthatworks.net Writes for Us is aware of and appreciates your ability to create visually appealing marketing materials, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

What you should write, or what you are expected to write:

Writing strategic posts or content is a time-consuming and difficult endeavour.

More information on the Campaign Creation process should be made available.

Your industry knowledge and experience will be put to good use in order to provide us with industry commentary and analysis on social media platforms.

How-To Techniques are covered in detail in these articles.

Among other things, topics covered include information on Demand Generation and Management, Marketing Automation Influencer Marketing and Social Media Competition, among other things.

As long as it is of high quality and uniqueness, an article of approximately 800 to 1000 words is acceptable.

In order to write for us, you must be completely prepared to analyze whatever is currently trending in the media.

Because of this, queries such as the following are common:

I’m curious what you think we should write today.

What really is new today?

What kind of material or information has become well-known recently?

Keep in mind that whatever you write must be original, distinct, and widely accepted throughout the organization.

In the Business World, you can write for us.

“Business Write for Us” is another writing type that you should experiment with now that you’ve seen how your contributions can benefit both of us through a variety of writing types.

If you have the ability to write about subjects such as:

Startups and the pursuit of growth are two important aspects of finance.

Insurance Technology, Search Engine OptimizationOptimization, and Digital Marketing on the Internet are all examples of Internet-based computing.

Your proposal will be received with great interest by our team at emailthatworks.net, and you will be invited to contribute on a regular basis to our Business blog.

In order for me to submit my writing, I need to know where to go.

Your appearance suggests that you are prepared to make the most of “Write for Us,” and we are here to address one of the most pressing questions you might have at this point: “where should I submit my writing?”

As soon as you are satisfied with your material, all that remains is to complete the following tasks:

To get in touch with us, please use the “Contact Us” form located at the bottom of this webpage.

emailthatworks.net will then provide you with a contributor account, which you can use to make contributions.

You are welcome to work on your article in this location and then store it for later consideration.

Before it can be published, your work will be subjected to a peer-reviewing process.

The offer is simple and to the point! That’s correct, isn’t it?

Writing a Blog Post: Some Tips and Guidelines

That is correct; you are correct! We have finally reached a point in time where it is necessary to establish ground rules to ensure that we remain in compliance with the law and maintain integrity while publishing your blog posts.

You should keep the following blog post guidelines in mind while writing and submitting your work to us:

For the simple reason that English is the universal language, all of your articles and other materials must be written in English.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of originality! You must create material that is completely unique and distinct. Maintain your focus on the fact that the information you produce should not have been made available anywhere on the internet, to begin with.

The maximum number of words allowed is 600. The length of the essay should be between 1000 and 1200 words.

Permissions to Reproduce are granted as follows: You should include at least one picture in your article that has been licenced for commercial use and that you have obtained permission to use from your copyrights in the public domain.

Information about the author, as well as content that is permissible:

Your data, as well as the source links you provide, must not be used to promote any forms of social malpractice. Pornography, racism or hatred, criminal activity, malicious code, and other forms of cyberbullying are examples of what can be found on the internet but are not limited to it.

Formatting and structure: You are responsible for ensuring that your piece of work is readable and well-structured so that it is simple to read. You can find more information about formatting and structure here.

Ensure that your document contains headings and sub-headings.

When necessary, bullet points should be bolded to draw attention to them.

short paragraphs have been sectioned off

It was not intended to be frightening in any way; however, upholding one’s integrity is always a top priority for everyone.


So, what exactly are you putting off doing right now? Begin by assisting you in creating some excellent reading material for our readers and, of course, putting some money back into their wallets as a result of your efforts.

If you are an experienced and passionate content writer, consider working for us. We look forward to hearing from you.