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How To Increase Yahoo Mail Attachment Limits

While sending a large attachment file in Yahoo mail the major barrier comes is the attachment size limit. And sadly there’s no direct setting available to increase the Increase in Yahoo Mail Attachment Limits. 

But we have tricks to this. Yes, you heard it right and using this trick you will be able to send large files in Yahoo mail absolutely free of cost. 

As you know Yahoo’s maximum email attachment file size limit is set at 25 MB and any attachment exceeding this limit will simply display an error message.

Not only while sending but also in case of incoming mail where your image files, text files, Word documents, zip files, etc exceeds Yahoo mail largest attachment size of 25 MB. 

So, get your attachments ready, here’s the complete guide for how to send files larger than 25MB on yahoo. 

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Why The Attachment Limit Is Set To 25 MB?

Attachment Limit Is Set To 25 MB

The Yahoo support forum says a 25 Mb of data file size is somewhat a suitable limit for small files. But we know that this limit is not enough to properly cover any video, or video files, or for any other larger data files. 

One more reason is that Yahoo does not support the advanced cloud storage feature. And as a future hope, it shows that large attachment support is coming soon to its users. 

Well, this doesn’t mean that there’s no other way left to send large attachment files greater than Yahoo mail size limits. Here’s what your eyes are looking for

How To Send Large Files In Yahoo Mail For Free?

Recently, a report came from Yahoo, where it mentioned that the Company is expanding its mail service and merging with Dropbox. This will help users to send Yahoo mail exceeding the attachment size file.

How Dropbox will help? It’s a free application that helps its users to send large files and even doesn’t ask for any type of registration. 

It’s not done yet! Here are two best methods to send large attachment files apart from having

Method-1 Using Dropbox

  1. First, you have to login into your Yahoo account. Then you have to compose your mail body. 
  1. Now, just tap the down arrow key present near the attachment file button. From the list that popped up, select the “Share” from Dropbox option.
  1. It will open up the Dropbox window to choose your file and then attach it to your mail. 
  2. All set, now click the “Send” button, that’s it. 

Note- Dropbox free account service offers 2GB of extra space, so no need to worry about storage issues here.

Method 2- Using Google Drive 

Using Google Drive

In this method, you have to repeat the entire process that you did in the case of Dropbox, but this time in the attachment file section you have to choose Google Drive and select the file you want to send.

This will add a Drive link in your mail for the selected file of size greater than 25 MB. 

Note- There’s a drawback while sending large files greater than the Yahoo mail attachment limit, it’s that you won’t be allowed to select multiple files. 

Well, that’s all about how to send large files in yahoo mail for free. Now, have a look at some common questions over different support forums- 


How To Send Large Files Via Yahoo Email?

To send large files via Yahoo mail there are a number of options available including some third party or files links. 

These available options include-

  • WeTransfer
  • Send Anywhere
  • MailBigFile
  • Hightail
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Mail Drop

Among these choices, the two most common and trustworthy options are Dropbox and Google Drive. We already have discussed these methods in detail above. 

How Many Attachments Can You Send In Yahoo Mail? 

You can attach any number of attachments in Yahoo mail, but the size of the total file should not exceed the 25 MB limit.

Also, if you are using Dropbox or any other large file sending service, you won’t be allowed to select multiple files in one mail. 

How can I attach more than 25MB in Yahoo Mail? 

To attach a file size of more than 25 MB, you can use any third-party app providing free service to send large files or simply your Google Drive link. Among the free file sending service providing apps Dropbox is definitely a good pick.  

The main reason behind this is the partnership between Yahoo and Dropbox.

Final Words 

In this guide, we covered almost all possible ways to send large attachment files of size greater than Yahoo mail attachment limits. From the number of available choices users usually choose one from the two that we have discussed.

We hope after this guide you have a permanent solution for how to send files larger than 25MB on Yahoo mail. 

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