All You Need To Know About Rocketmail

Rocketmail was one of the oldest and the first major free webmail services. Rocketmail was generally a rocketmail sign-in that was owned by Four 11 companies. It was a commercially registered company and was launched in the year 1996.  Currently, it is not functioning because there were many problems and it became back-dates with the introduction of new webmails which are more user-friendly and fast reaching.

How To Sign In With Rocketmail

Rocketmail was previously used and was much in demand in the early 2-the century. Here’s the process of how to access a rocketmail sign-in mail account and Rocketmail sign-in.

Firstly, you need to open the web browser and navigate to the Yahoo mail login page.

Then, you need to write the entire rocket mail email address into the space assigned for the yahoo id.

Then, you need to type the password of your rocketmail account in the assigned place for writing the password.

There, you will find a sign-in button that you need to click.

Now, you are signed in Rocketmail.

Is Rocketmail Still Valid?

Rocketmail was launched in the early 20th century, more precisely in the year 1996. But, slowly with the introduction of other user-friendly, more diverse webmail, Rocketmail loses its ground.

Now, in the year 2021, Rocketmail is defunct and is not valid anymore independently. It has come under the brand of yahoo.

How Do I Create A Rocketmail Account In 2021?

Previously, there was a different method to log in, but now since the webmail is not in work, it will redirect you to the webpage of yahoo. From there you have to follow the procedure to log in or sign in. Firstly, the need to create an id and a password to maintain the protocols and structures. This is how you can create your rocketmail account in 2021.

How Do I Check My Rocket Mail?

Here, you will find the steps that how you are going to check the rocketmail. Just keep a look at the following points. Firstly, you need to approach the official website of rocketmail, is

Now, a login page will appear, where you need to give your email id and the password in the places assigned for it.

You will find that the rocketmail dropdown is a part of the yahoo brand but do not worry.

After entering the ID and the password, you will find a place to proceed. You need to click on that button.

You are logged in rocketmail, and now you. can check your Rocketmail

How Can I Recover My Rocket Mail Account?

There might be instances when you have forgotten your rocketmail password. So, here is the process of how to recover the rocketmail account if you have forgotten the password.

If you cannot remember the password, you will find a link where it is written ‘I cannot access my account’ just beneath the log-in and sign-in buttons.

All You Need To Know About Rocketmail
How Can I Recover My Rocket Mail Account

You need to click the link and choose the option ‘forgot the password’ from the list of options that are available on the screen at that time.

Now, after proceeding from that screen, you need to write the entire email ID in the assigned place and then, you need to make a new password and must remember this time.

Now, after assigning the new password, you will find the blocks of writing the email ID and password again on the login screen.

Write them, without making any mistake and you can recover your rocketmail account without any further worry.

What Type Of Account Is Rocket Mail?

Rocketmail was a very famous webmail, but soon it lost its popularity because of its age-old features. But then got connected with yahoo and since then it has been in an up graph, gradually, making its place that was once for them. Rocketmail. Com provides IMAP access to the rocketmail account.

So, it can easily be connected and you can check your emails from the desktop as well as from your mobile phones.

Rocketmail has now been under the tree of yahoo and now it is used by a lot of people. Especially, for Microsoft login, a rocketmail account makes it easy.

What Is Rocket Mail?

Rocketmail was one of the oldest free webmails that were available at that time. Rocketmail was launched in the year 1996, by the company Four 11. Com company when there were no such webmails in the net world.

For a brief time, rocketmail competed with Hotmail, another free webmail available at that time for the number one spot in the world. Soon in the year 1997, Four 11 company and the rocketmail was acquired by Yahoo, a new brand and a company that was trying to make its space in the early 20th century.

Yahoo soon assimilated the rocketmail engine and the fact is that the yahoo mail was currently the old Rocketmail Webmail system.

Just during the transition, users could choose any one of the email IDs because the engine could register itself to both yahoo IDs as well the old rocketmail id. There were no such problems or delays during the transition and the users would definitely get finer service while using the rocketmail account.

All You Need To Know About Rocketmail
What Is Rocket Mail

In June 2008, yahoo again started the rocketmail brand and again allowed users to login into their rocketmail account just like before. They again started the rocketmail domain which was not possible in the first few years.

Now, yahoo and rocketmail are parallel webmails, both making their ground and many user-friendly features were introduced which again brought rocketmail into the spotlight.

What To Do If I Forget Rocket Mail Password?

It is very common to forget the password of rocketmail but it is nothing to worry about. There are methods to open an account, even if you forget the password. Follow the steps given below to add a new password to the rocketmail account.

Firstly, open the space for entering the ID and the password.

Just below the blocks, you will find a link which states if you forget the password, click on the link.

There you will find the option to form a new password and there will be a verification procedure.

After that, you can easily log in to the rocketmail account by entering the email ID and the new password.

Rocketmail Account Recovery

There are times when you forget the password of the rocketmail email. At that time, you can find a button where it will be written:

I can’t access my account. It is basically the alternative to create another password so that you can access your account and recover the Rocketmail account.

Just below the log-in button, click on the link which states, change the password. There you need to enter the Rocketmail id and then the new password, which will be created by you at that instance. By this method, you can easily recover your rocketmail account.

Rocketmail Yahoo

rocketmail sign in
Rocketmail Yahoo

Rocketmail was launched back in the year 1997 but soon in the year 1998, it was merged with yahoo and the rocketmail was initially stopped. Later in 2008, yahoo again launched the old rocketmail web with added features and new variations with user-friendly characteristics. 

By the launching of the rocketmail, it brought up the old domain and again the emails id’s that were once of no use, yahoo made it possible to renew those rocketmail accounts. But this did not go for long. In 2013, again it avalanched and now, the current status of Rocketmail is defunct.

Rocketmail Update

At the beginning of this email era, Before Gmail came to exist, Rocketmail was one of the most reliable go-to email providers. In fact, Rocketmail was the first webmail and it provided free emails to the general public.

But in the year 1998, yahoo bought the acquisition of rocketmail and they updated and drastically changed the then existing rocketmail account.  

Rocketmail update has been an important element since its defunct in the year 1998, and again reviving in 2008 under the umbrella of yahoo but in 2013, finally, it was stopped working.

How To Access Rocketmail

Rocketmail was the first email provider and therefore, without any haste, it can easily be understood how much popular and important was rocketmail. Back in 1997, between Rocketmail and Hotmail, there was competition for top rank.

When yahoo bought the acquisition of rocketmail and after a decade when it was again released as a brand, the previous rocketmail domain arrived and this time to access rocketmail, one needs to enter the yahoo email id that has been created and the required password in the respective blocks assigned for them.

Just like any other webmail, one can access rocketmail by entering the proper email id and the most important password.

In case if anyone forgets the password, in the previous subheads, we have discussed how to recover the Rocketmail account and how to change the password.

Rocketmail Account

It is not so difficult to start a new rocketmail account in the 21st century. Just like any webmail and email provider, a rocketmail account can easily be created with the email id and the password.

Since it rebranding by yahoo in the year 2008, the rocketmail account can be reached through yahoo and it has been made more user-friendly with the introduction of new features and rocketmail updates.

Rocketmail was owned by Four 11 company but it came under yahoo, and since then yahoo manages the rocketmail webmail and the email provider.

How To Access Rocketmail

All You Need To Know About Rocketmail
All You Need To Know About Rocketmail

To access a rocketmail account, one must follow the following steps:

Firstly, you need to open the web browser and then navigate to the yahoo login page.

There, on the login page, you need to type out the rocketmail email id and the password in the yahoo login space field.

After entering the correct email id and the password, press the login button available just below the login field.

You are logged in to the rocketmail email provider and you can access the rocketmail.

Rocketmail Register

If you do not have an existing rocketmail account and want to sign up for a rocketmail account, you must follow the following steps.

Firstly, you need to open the web browser and navigate to the yahoo page.

There you will find to option, sign in and sign up. Sign in option is for those, who all already have an existing rocketmail account. Sign up option is for those who do not have a pre-registered account.

Click on the signup option.

There you need to give your personal details like name, number and then register an email id with a password.

And, finally, you have registered for the rocketmail account, and from the next time, by entering the password and email id, you can log in to the rocketmail account.

This is the complete process for the rocketmail register.

Rocketmail Login

To log in to the existing rocketmail account, you must follow the following steps.

Go to the web browser page and need to open the yahoo login page.

There will be login fields, where the correct rocketmail email address and the password need to be entered.

After entering the correct id and the password, you will find a login button, just below the blocks of entering email and password.

Click on the login button.

Finally, you are logged in to Rocketmail.

This is a step for rocketmail sign-in.

How do I recover my Rocketmail account?

With the introduction of new features and methods, it is not at all difficult to recover a rocketmail sign-in account if you have forgotten your password, there are options, where you can change your password, though there will be a verification process.

To check whether it is a genuine mishap or someone is trying to get your rocketmail account access illegally.

There are not many cases where it is heard that the rocketmail account got hacked. Previously, we have discussed how to recover the rocketmail account by signing in with the rocketmail domain and entering a new password, which means setting a new password.

How To Make A Rocketmail Email

Just like any other webmails, rocketmail also considers the name that you want to have as your email id. At the time of sign up, there is a column where you need to enter your personal details which include first name, last name. Generally, the email id constitutes the name of the user along with some special symbols or numbers.

After assigning an email id, one need to set a password, which he-she can remember, It is not good and advisable to change the password of the rocketmail account multiple times in a day or in a week. By the use of a proper domain name and the password, one can surely make a rocketmail sign in email.

Rocketmail SMTP And IMAP Email Server Settings

SMTP stands for Simple mail transfer protocol and IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is the incoming server and the SMTP I is the outgoing server.

The server setting for SMTP is and for the IMAP, the server setting is Rocketmail SMPT and IMAP email server settings are very much important and necessary just like any other webmail.

For SMPT, the port is 465 whereas, for the IMAP, the port is 993. The main function of these server settings is to control the mail inbox and outbox methodology.

Rocketmail was one of the oldest webmails available, so there is a kind of nostalgia that works. With time, Rocketmail has made its internal features and characteristics modern to cope with the new world. Yahoo has been looking after the rocketmail since its handover in the year 1997 but a decade ago, a new domain of Rocketmail came into existence which made the old format return again.

Here. In the above article, you can easily find how to sign in to a rocketmail account, what to do if you forget the password. You will also come to know more about one of the oldest webmails, Rocketmail, and its trajectory.

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