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Reliable Way To Fix Oops A Server Error Occurred Gmail (#707)

Sending an important mail right on the deadline, but suddenly “Oops a server error occurred Gmail (#707)” pops up. Irritating, right?

If this error occurs, there’s no full confirmation that it will allow you to send another email.

Now, this is something more irritating.

Well, the main reason why you are facing this error is the Gmail client.

Yes, the Gmail client is unable to establish a working connection with its servers and end up throwing this error. Although the cause looks from the server-side, still you can fix it too.

But, first of all, let us know that you are not alone facing this error. Before moving ahead to try any of our methods, it’s better to know why this occurs.

Don’t Worry! Everything you want is listed below.

So, Let’s Get Started!

Do you know there are some hidden factors responsible too?

No? Check this out-

Hidden Factors Responsible

gmail server error 007 firefox
Oops a server error occurred Gmail (#707)

Before moving ahead to spot what hidden factors are responsible for this error, it is important to understand that every mail goes to the Gmail servers first and then gets stored into the recipient’s account your email targeted.  And hence. any obstacle in the flow can lead to this Gmail temporary error. Like-

  • Whenever any hindrance occurs in between the communication channel, the server sends the error message.
  • Any issue with your Firefox browsers, like cache memory or unremoved cookies. 
  • Obstruction in the channel for the sent mail from where it can’t proceed further.

Well, these are the most common causes for this Gmail server error, there may be any other cause too. But, majorly it’s among these three only.

Knowing the cause moved you halfway close to the fix. Now, it’s time to make it full with-

Workarounds To Fix This: “Oops A Server Error Occurred Gmail” Issue

Wondering, what Are Different Workarounds to Fix This: “Oops a server error occurred Gmail” Issue?

Well, in different community forums you may see different workarounds, but majorly they won’t fix it out.

However, the most common workaround is disabling the Avast Email Signature and possibly it can fix your error too.

But, what if it doesn’t.

Don’t worry!  We have two workarounds to fix these Gmail Error codes that we have listed below.

Solution 1: Disabling Avast Email Signature

Avast Email Signature is almost the same as all other antivirus applications, it gives a deep scan to your emails to check for any potential threats like phishing links, etc. It not only finds out the threat but also kicks it out.

You will find several users who run Gmail on Firefox reporting on the community forums that this was the main cause of their issue.

In this method, we will first try to disable the Avast Email Signature from the application itself and then check if this solves the issue or not. Here’s how to do this-

  1. First, move to your Avast application. This is easy by simply clicking on the app icon present in the taskbar.
  1. In the Avast application, you need to click on the ‘gears’ icon (Settings). It’s present right at the top of the window.
  1. In the Settings menu click on the ‘General’ tab present in the left navigation panel. There you will see a checkbox saying “Enable Avast Signature” with a green tick,  uncheck it and press OK.
  1. After saving your changes, restart your computer and check back if it fixes the issue or not.
  1. If you still find the issue unsolved then completely disable the Mail Shield. For this, just follow the steps listed below-
  • Move to your Settings and select the “ActiveProtection” option.
  • Now, use the navigation tab and move to the option “Mail Shield”.
  • After you turn it off, press OK and save your changes.

Restart your computer and check if your issue is fixed or not. If not then go for the next fix.

Solution 2: Clearing Browser Cache And Cookies

gmail error 5973
Oops a server error occurred Gmail (#707)

Sometimes it happens that the problem lies with the Firefox browser itself. The best way to fix this is to clear your browser cache and cookie data.

Here’s how you can fix your Gmail server error 007 Firefox issue-

  1. First, open your Firefox browser and click on the ‘menu icon.’ This is present at the top-right corner of its main screen. 
  1. In the ‘main menu’ select the ‘Privacy and Security tab using the left navigation pane. Now, click on the “Clear your recent history” option.
  1. After this, scroll down to “Everything” and then check each option. Lastly, click on the “Clear Now” option.

Done? Not yet. To finish this method, restart your computer and check if it’s fixed or not.

That is all about the best ways to fix your Gmail Error 5973 issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Get Rid Of The Gmail Error Exclamation Mark?

To get rid of this error you first have to clear your browser cookies and caches. Sometimes clearing your browser cache won’t help you like in the case of the Gmail app error exclamation mark iPhone issue. In this case, you have to disable ALL browsers, scripts, extensions and add-ons.

  • How Do I Fix The Gmail Server Error?

In case an individual receives any of the following errors or any other one, he/she could try out the following instructions to resolve the issue: “Bad Request: Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request”



Follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you are using a web browser that is compatible with Gmail. Else it might create such a problem.

 Step 2: Then, check the extension of the browser that you’re using or the apps extensions.

Step 3: by going into the application’s setting, erase all the cache data as well as the cookies.

Step 4: Then, finally, review your Gmail settings.

  • Why Is My Gmail Giving Me An Error?

This error may occur due to several reasons such as: “No connection”

In case you got this error on your iOS device or iPad, try the given instructions:

  1. Ensure the proper connection to the internet.
  2. Close the application, then restart it.
  3. Log out from your account, and then log in again.
  • Why Is The Gmail Server Not Working?

There may be various causes for why Gmail may not open or not load properly. The web browser might be unsuitable for Gmail, or that browser extension can be infringing on Gmail’s process.

You might require erasing the browser cache data and cookies.

There might be problems with the Gmail service itself or probably your internet connection. Furthermore, privacy settings may be deterring Gmail operations.

  • How Do I Resolve A Server Error?

The given troubleshooting instructions run from easy to advanced. We suggest you attempt each and every instruction given below chronologically:

Turn off your PC and start again. This easy solution frequently deciphers the crisis and one must try this out.

Ensure that the web browser that you are using is suitable for Gmail. Web Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and several others are suitable for Gmail, however, few web browsers don’t work out well with it.

Final Words

An error never gives a warning and always hits when you are on something important like “Oops a server error occurred Gmail” all of a sudden while sending a crucial mail. Hope after going through the complete guide this error message won’t scare you.

You know all its possible causes and some best ways to fix it permanently.

But, before you leave, let us know: How informative did you find this guide?

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