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All Possible Ways How To Turn Off Avast Email Signature


In all emails sent by avast safe PCs, Avast uses the tag that this email was sent from a virus-free computer secured by Avast. Avast antivirus actually pays careful attention to the data that comes in and goes out of your computer and keeps track of any threats that may surface.

how to turn off avast email signature
how to turn off avast email signature

Avast’s email signature is attached to every email you send, claiming that this email is completely secure and protected by Avast. This ensures that the email’s contents are secure and cannot be hacked or subjected to phishing attacks.

However, it can be strange when your official email contains a paragraph from a third party that can negatively impact your or your organization’s image. As a result, we recommend that you delete Avast from your email signatures.

If your computer is running any version of Avast antivirus later than 2015, you will receive the Avast email signature in your emails if you use email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Live Mail, and others.

 However, there is no need to be concerned because avast keeps your personal information safe. Still, we can remark that these email signatures can be inconvenient for some people, and they may desire to remove avast email signatures.

One well-known browser still does not support the avast email signature removal at all. When using any email client, the Opera browser does not display any email signatures.

Not only avast, but other antivirus businesses such as avg and Norton employ the same email signature methodology. 

This action in the email is taken only for the purpose of promoting the company’s own brand. However, you do not need to be concerned because you can delete this email message that was sent from a virus-free computer protected by avast without removing avast’s security capabilities.

What Is An Email Signature?

If you’re familiar with antivirus programs like Avast or AVG, you’re probably familiar with email signatures.
An email signature is a message that is added to your email without your permission, such as “this email was sent from a virus-free computer secured by Avast.”

What Is an Email Signature
What Is an Email Signature

However, the message may not be delivered with every email, making it a little more difficult to spot the trend.
Some people dislike this type of free advertising and would prefer it to be deleted, as well as the assurance that it will not be included in email communications.

Avast Signature Email

The assurance of security that you get with the Avast antivirus is the Avast signature in the email. Avast merely ensures that there is nothing spammy on both ends of the email chain, from where it is sent to where it is received.

The Notification of avast email signature appears and behaves differently in each version of Avast. The inclusion of “Avast Mail Shield” in avast causes this email signature to appear.

This is the tool that continuously monitors incoming and outgoing emails from all of the major email clients.

Remove Avast Signature

Disable avast email signature in a variety of methods. This is a highly interesting and simple technique with the current edition. It makes no difference if your mail shield is installed or not in avast 2018.

Remove Avast Signature
Remove Avast Signature

There is a straightforward one-way method. If you want to delete the avast signature from your email in avast 2018, then follow the procedures below.

  • Double-click the avast icon in the Windows system tray to access your Avast interface.
  • Avast can also be found in the Windows Start menu under All Programs – Avast.
  • Navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right area of the Avast user interface.
  • Enabling Avast email signature is available in the General section.
  • Uncheck it and click the OK button to confirm.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • When you log in to your email account, you will no longer receive a notification for an avast email signature.
  • Check that your password manager is up to date.

Using this method, you can also easily delete the avast signature from Gmail. You can get the most recent avast version from Avast Secure Browser can also be used as your official email client. This is also a wonderful way to save your valuable data.

Remove The Signature From Avast Antivirus 2017 Or Earlier Versions.

If you are using an older version of avast, the previously outlined methods will not be able to switch off the avast email signature by utilizing the approach described here.

This simply signifies that you are not utilizing the most recent version of avast. If you are using an older version, such as Avast 2017 or Avast 2016, you must perform the following steps:

  • Launch the Avast interface.
  • Double-click the avast icon in the Windows system tray to access your Avast interface.
  • Avast can also be found in Windows Start » All Programs » Avast.
  • In the Mail Shield row, navigate to Settings – Active Protection – Customize.
  • Turn off the Avast E-mail Footer Signature.
  • When the Mail Shield Settings windows appear, click OK.
  • visit Behaviour
  • Find a solution Insert the note into the clean message,
  • unmark it,
  • confirm by pressing the OK button,
  • Reboot your computer.
  • There will be no more notifications if you log in to your email and stop avast email signature.

Getting Rid Of The Avast Email Signature On Previous Versions (Before Avast 2016)

You can also erase the avast signature from previous versions of the avast antivirus. The email signature simply appeared in prior avast antivirus versions since your email was protected by the mail shield that is featured in avast antivirus. In certain circumstances, you can accomplish so by implementing these solutions.

  • Include the Mail Shield Component.
  • Navigate to Programs from the Start menu.
  • click to Programs and Features, and then
  • Change should be clicked.
  • The Avast Antivirus Setup window will display.
  • Modify should be selected.
  • Check (if not already checked) the Mail Shield component.
  • Wait until the configuration is complete before clicking Change.

Now Since you added or enabled the mail shield in your avast antivirus 2016 or previous versions.

No, all you need to do is uncheck the email signature box in your avast mail shield. You may also finally get rid of the avast email signature.

  • Simply change the values in the EmailShield.ini file using this approach.
  • Open the Windows Start menu and type notepad into the search box.
  • When you see the Notepad,
  • right-click on it and choose to Execute as administrator
  • In Notepad, select File – Open or press CTRL + O.
  • There, write the path that follows.
  • In Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, Go to C: ProgramDataAVAST SoftwareAvastEmailShield.ini.
  • C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAVAST SoftwareAvastEmailShield.ini in Windows XP
  • Once the file is open, locate the following rows and alter their values to zeros:
  • Save the file by selecting File – Save or, if necessary, pressing CTRL + S to confirm the Avast popup.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Avast Signature In Outlook? How To Remove An Avast Signature From Gmail?

You may easily get rid of avast email signature in Avast or Outlook by following the instructions outlined above. In a properly adorned email, the Avast email tag may appear weird. We recommend that you just disable the avast email signature.

Avast Email Footer Removal

We have now gone over the entire procedure for getting rid of avast email signature from an email. In the post about avast antivirus, we included some screenshots.

Your interface may differ from the screenshots, but we believe you can pick up on the subtle differences and identify the relevant options with a little extra scrolling.


Once all of your strings have been saved, your modifier summary should look like this:
Send test emails from different user accounts to confirm the modifier is working and all references to Avast have been removed.

If you discover that a string is missing, you may always add more.
With our tutorial for simple directions to disable avast email signature.

you can now rest assured that your users will no longer have to manually remove the footer text or appear unprofessional to receivers.

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