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Gmail App Keeps Crashing- How To Fix It?

Gmail means “Google Mail”. Gmail is an intuitive, efficient, popular, useful web-based email. Google provided the free and quick email services known as Gmail. Billions of users worldwide use Gmail. Gmail app can be used in smartphones.

Both Gmail and non-Gmail accounts can be added to the Gmail app. Gmail app can be utilized through android phones or tablets.
Through Gmail, the mode of communication has become very rapid and smooth. The project of Gmail was started by Google Developer Paul Buchheit. Google accounts should be created before getting access to Gmail.

There are several Gmail features like- Spam filtering, conversation view, built-in chat, call phone.

Gmail interface contains the inbox, contacts, mail settings, and other Google services which include calendar, youtube.
Gmail is reliable software. It provides high security and protection of the data, files. Gmail app crushing is a software issue when there is disturbance in the proper functioning of the system software.

Reasons For Gmail App Crashing

gmail app crashing

Gmail crashing is one of the biggest problems for Gmail users. It is mainly a software issue. There are several aspects that clearly show the reason for Gmail app crashing.

  • The damage or corruption of the auxiliary memory from which high speed retrieval is possible on the local usable devices.
  • Due to slow or poor internet connections.
  • Due to lack of proper Gmail server settings.
  • Crashing also occurs by enabling dark theme.
  • Due to shortage of space on the device used.
  • Gmail app keeps crashing if too many activities are running simultaneously in the background.
  • If the battery saver is active then it may cause obstruction in the proper functioning of the Gmail app.
  • Gmail app crashing is also because of hindrance in proper functioning of the system.
  • Crashing may also occur if the Gmail app is not updated to the current version.
  • Low memory power of the device is responsible for the crash.
  • Multiple applications can cause Gmail app to crash.
  • Incomplete installation of any files can crash the app.
  • Overloading of the integrated circuits used by the computer system can cause severe damages of the Gmail app.
  • The size of the attachments used is another cause for Gmail app crashing.

How To Fix Gmail From crashing?

In order to solve the problem of crashing of Gmail app the following steps should be taken into consideration-

  • Firstly, the internet connection should be checked properly.
  • Secondly, the Gmail app should be updated to the latest version.

For updating the app different steps are followed- Play store→My apps and games→Gmail→Update.

  • Google chrome cache should be cleared.

For this the steps should be followed- Settings→Apps→All apps→Gmail→storage→clear cache and data.

  • The problem of crashing of Gmail app can be solved by turning off the dark theme.

For this the steps the steps that are followed are- Gmail→Settings→General Settings→Theme→Light→Reboot of device.

  • Another way to fix the crashing problem is by signing out of the Google account and then again to sign in.

For this the following steps are- Settings→Accounts & Sync→Google→Remove the account→Reboot→Add the account.

  • By disabling and re- enabling the Gmail app can also solve the problem to some extent.

The following steps are performed- Settings→Apps→All apps→Gmail→Unistall or uninstall updates→Playstore→Gmail→Reboot.

  • By resetting app preferences the Gmail app crashing can be fixed. Settings→Reset Options→Reset App Preferences→Reset Apps.
  • Phone’s storage should be checked. Settings→Storage→Internal storage.
  • Battery saver should be disabled.
  • The software should be updated from time to time to get the new available features.
  • Other tabs at the background should be closed immediately.

Why Is Gmail Crashing On iPhone?

gmail app crashing

Gmail crashing on iPhone is another major problem faced by the users. Various reasons paved the way for Gmail crashing on iPhone-

  • Too much use of iPhone can cause crashing of the Gmail app
  • If the iPhone is not updated then similar problem can occur.
  • Backdated software is also responsible for Gmail app crashing.
  • Issues related to server can create crashing problems.
  • Error in network connection also plays a vital role.
  • Security settings of Gmail accounts enhance several crashing problems.
  • Malfunctioning of software is the major cause behind Gmail app crashing on iPhone.
  • If any file is installed partly then crashing may occur.
  • Presence of viruses also can damage proper functioning of Gmail app.
  • Lack of internal storage of the iPhone can also create the crashing.
  • Old version of the Gmail app.

How To Fix Gmail From Cashing On iPhone?

For solving the problem of crashing of Gmail app on iPhone, you should remember the following aspects-

  • Internet connection should be checked.
  • By restarting the iPhone.
  • Closing and re launching the Gmail app. Home→Gmail app preview→Gmail app preview upward→quit the app.
  • By resetting network settings on iPhone. Home→settings→General→Reset→Reset Network Settings→Device Password→confirm.
  • Another way to get rid of Gmail crashing problem is checking and enabling the “Internet Message Access Protocol”. Gmail Website→Username and Password→ Mobile Gmail site→View Gmail in→Desktop→Settings→Forwarding→IMAP Option.
  • At first Gmail app to be deleted and then reinstalling is another way. Home→Settings→General→iPhone Storage→Gmail app→Delete app→ iPhone Restart→App store→Install app.
  • By closing all tabs at the background of the device.

Gmail App Keeps Closing

The actual cause behind Gmail app closing is the technical fault. Although the users are trying different methods to get rid of the problem but getting free from the problem of Gmail closing permanently emphasis should be on checking the status of “Gmail on Down Detector” or “Google Workspace status Dashboard”.

This will clearly show the present status of Gmail.
The following steps will be useful to the users to overcome this problem of Gmail closing.

  • Gmail should be closed.
  • Cache should be cleared from the app.
  • Wi-Fi or network connections should be turned off.
  • Device should be restarted.
  • Then network connections or Wi-Fi should be activated.
  • Gmail is opened again.

Why Does Gmail App Crashing?

Gmail app mainly crashes when a collection of integrated circuits that are designed to perform as a unit in order to fulfill several tasks on the computer system are overloaded. Low memory of the device is also equally responsible for Gmail app crashing. Improper coding of apps can lead to its crashing.

There are multiple ways to get away with the problem of the Gmail app crashing.

  • Force stopping the app and re-open the app Settings →Apps→Force Stop.
  • Restarting the device, that clears the memory of the device. Pressing and holding the power button→ Restart Option.
  • Clearing App data is another alternate option. Settings →Apps→Clear Data or Clear Storage.
  • To check app permissions by updating to new versions. Settings →Apps→ Permission option.
  • To free up storage space. Settings → Apps→ Uninstall unwanted apps and games.
  • To enable factory reset Settings → About phone →Backup and reset.

Gmail App Closes Immediately

Gmail app closes immediately if there is a poor network connection. The users should try to uninstall the app and again reinstall the app. The device should be refreshed and rebooted for the perfect functioning of the app.
The users can get rid of this problem by updating “Android System Web” and “Google Chrome”.

my gmail is crashing
  • The given steps should be followed to prevent the closing of Gmail app by updating the Android system web and Google chrome.

Play Store app→ Android System Webview→ Update option→Google Chrome.
App Store→App Store Screen→Update Option→Update All option.

  • Excessive and unwanted data must be removed for clearing of internal storage of the device that will prevent malfunctioning of the Gmail app.

Settings→ Apps and Notifications→Google Play Store→Storage and Cache→Clear Data.

  • Removal of cached data can control Gmail crashing to some extent.

Settings→Apps→App Manager→Gmail→Storage→Clear Cache→Cached Data→Clear Option.

  • The users before resetting the device should backup all sorts of documents, files and data. This can solve the problem to some level. After taking the backup of the files, the user need to disable the “Factory Reset Protection” and Google Account should be removed.

Gmail Not Working On Android

Gmail is used worldwide. Without Gmail people cannot put a step forward. The major problem of the Gmail app is the crashing of Gmail or lack of response.

Many times it happens that people forget their password and suffers a lot to get proper access to Gmail. For that reason, a recovery mail address are provided for any situation. Gmail sometimes cannot synchronize and people are not able to receive day to day messages.
The problem of synchronise can be resolved by the following steps-

  • Updating the Gmail app to the latest version can solve the problem of synchronise.
  • Restarting the android is also effective.
  • Checking the internet connection is also necessary.
  • Checking the Gmail settings and turning on the synchronise option. Gmail app→Settings→Gmail Account→Sync Gmail.
  • By clearing the Gmail app data. Devise Settings App→Apps and Notifications→App Info→Gmail→Storage→Clear Data→Ok→Phone Restart.

Sometimes small programme installations hinders Gmail app from working. Gmail app also stops working if the android is not updated to the latest version.

Here is the list of various problems of Gmail crash on android with their respective solutions.

Crashing of Gmail app or no response from Gmail app Clearing of cache.
Restarting the device.
Resetting the android.
Problem of synchronising of Gmail app To enhance storage by making space in the internal memory.
Checking of Gmail synchronising settings.
Restarting the device.

Loading problem of Gmail

Proper use of browser that support Gmail.
Clearing cache of browser.
Checking of extensions of browsers.
Unable to send or receive messages

Gmail should be updated to latest version.
Proper internet access.
Removing Gmail account and then adding for proper functioning.
Problem in sending the messages.

Alternative Gmail address is used for recovery.
Proper network connections.
Checking the size and quality of the attachments to be sent.
Issue of not synchronising of accounts.

Clearing the internal memory of the phone to provide enough space for storage.
Rechecking the Gmail sync settings.
Restarting the device.
Problem of slow functioning of the Gmail app Phones should be restarted.
There should be sufficient storage capacity in the phone.
Updated Gmail app are preferable to get rid of several problems.

Gmail keeps Crashing Windows 10

Users who uses Gmail app on Windows 10 face a severe technical problem of Gmail crashing. Problem of Gmail crash on windows 10 could easily be solved by updating the mail app from the windows store. Windows store should be installed and then required updates are to checked regarding mail app. If any update option is available then the mail app should be updated instantly. While updating if any users face technical problem, then the following measures are to be taken into consideration.

  • Windows store apps to identify the trouble should be introduced to solve the problem of crashing.
  • After clicking on the Windows key, the word “Troubleshoot” are to be typed.
  • After that the “Hit” button is clicked and the option “View all” is chosen.
  • Then “Advanced” button is pressed present on the left panel of the Windows Store app.
  • Now the option “Apply Repair automatically” is clicked.
  • Lastly the users should click the option of “Next” button.

The above procedures will prevent the Gmail crash on Windows 10. The users will be highly beneficial if they apply the above-mentioned steps while facing problems on Gmail app.

Loading Problem Of Gmail

Users often face problems while working with the Gmail app. The Gmail takes enough time before loading or sometimes it does not respond.

This mainly occurs due to technical failure.
The following steps are considered to fix the problem of Gmail loading.

Step 1- Users should check the browsers that work with Gmail.
Step 2- Browser applications and extensions should be checked.
Step 3- Users should clear the browser’s cache and cookies.

  • To get rid of the problem of loading Integrated Gmail have been introduced with new and modern features. New features will be available only when Gmail app is updated to the latest version.

The updated version of Gmail app contains the following-

  • Chat notifications can be activated as well as deactivated in Gmail.
  • Chat messages can be forwarded to Gmail.
  • Any vacation reply can be sent.
  • New conversation thread can be started in Gmail chat.
  • Chat room can be created in Gmail.
  • Several files can be managed in Gmail room.
  • Various tasks can be created in Gmail room.
  • There is a scope to start or join any video call from Gmail.

Benefits Of Using Gmail App

gmail crashing

In the modern scenario, the Gmail apps is very beneficial for a wide section of people. Keeping in mind the uses and positive aspects of Gmail users are highly dependent on it.
The benefits of the Gmail app are as follows-

Dynamic Email

Allows the users to take actions like analyzing comments in Google docs.
Users can fill any sort of questionnaire.
They can browse online catalogs and documents.
Quick Access Controls

Users can use the options of the archive, delete and snooze to tackle the unread messages.
Collapsible Side Panel

Users get access to-
Trello for Gmail.
Zoom for Gmail.
DocuSign for Gmail.
Slack for Gmail.
Email Snooze

Users can easily get all the emails in the inbox after snoozing the email.
Display Density

It allows the user to get direct access to the attachments.
Gmail can display large number of messages by making the space between individual emails compact and smaller.
Quick Settings

Enables the users to see the changes made to transform the Gmail inbox.
Users can control inbox type, theme and display.
Search Chips

This feature can help users to get only those emails containing attachments.
Users can easily access the older emails.
They can search the emails send by specific person in any emergency.
Malicious Document Detection

This feature can scan each and every email to detect the percentage of its security before delivering to the receivers.
It rejects the defective emails.
Gmail uses different sort of scanners for the various file formats.
Multiple Email Signatures

This make the email messages more professional and recognizable.
One email signature can be used for one email.
Google Meet

Enables video conferencing with up to 100 people without any time limit.

Gmail provides a lot of benefits to the users in each and every sphere of the world.

All emails are stored in the web, but on the ground of lack of proper internet connections no one can access the mails.

The Gmail app keeps a record of different messages that are being received or sent. Gmail should be protected with strong and reliable passwords. It is one of the most specific and advanced email services provided to users.

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