Why Your Emails Go To Spam, And How To Fix It?

If your email open rates are poor, it is quite possible that your emails are not reaching the subscriber’s inbox but instead are ending up in spam. So you’re left wondering, “Why, despite the fact that I’m not a spammer, are my emails going to spam rather than the inbox? ” You don’t ask for credit card information, and you don’t sell snake oil.”

However, spam filters are unaware of your aims and rely exclusively on how you adhere to email marketing guidelines. If your conduct resembles that of a spammer, you are labeled as one, and your emails are sent to the spam folder.

While attempting to resolve your spam issues, you may unintentionally exacerbate the condition. This will happen if you don’t know what to search for while trying to figure out why your emails are going to spam.

What Is Spam Of Emails

Email spam, often known as junk email, is the unsolicited transmission of email messages to a large number of recipients. Spam can be transmitted by actual people.

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But it is most typically delivered by a botnet, which is a network of infected computers (bots or spambots) controlled by a single attacking party (bot herder). Spam can be sent by text messaging or social media in addition to email.

Reasons Why Emails Go To Spam

Emails can be classified as spam for a variety of reasons, ranging from terms that activate spam filters to inappropriate permissions.

Why Your Emails Go To Spam

Let’s go over some of the most typical cases and see what you can do to ensure your messages arrive in users’ inboxes.

  • Your email recipients marked it as spam.
  • You are not adhering to HTML best practices.
  • Your subject lines are deceptive or include spam triggers.
  • You have not received permission from your recipients.
  • Triggers for Your Content Filters for Spam
  • You do not provide an unsubscribe link.
  • Your ‘From’ information is incorrect or deceptive.
  • You have not enabled email authentication.
  • You are sending an excessive number of attachments.

Ways To Avoid Emails Going To Spam

It would be a pity for all of your hard work to go to waste, but that is exactly what happens when your email gets up in a subscriber’s spam folder. In fact, according to a Return Path analysis, spam filters are more stringent than ever, with one in every five emails failing to reach the inbox.

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  • Request that subscribers whitelist your email address.
  • Always obtain permission to send emails.
  • Follow the Rules for Email Marketing.
  • Make use of a reputable email marketing program.
  • Check Your Emails for Errors…
  • Avoid using spammy subject lines.
  • Unwanted Email Addresses Should Be Removed From Your List
  • Use a Spam-Checking Software
  • Maintain a Clear Sender Address
  • Maintain a Clear Sender Address
  • Make it simple to unsubscribe

Spam Checkers

An email spam checker is a service that provides your emails through spam filters to detect issues such as a blacklisted IP-address or email domain, unsuitable email content, and other issues that may lead your message to be classified as spam.

Spam Filter Testing

Spam testing can be done independently or in conjunction with an email test. Click the “Spam Test” link in the left navigation bar to perform a standalone spam test. To perform a spam and email test,choose “Email Test” from the left navigation bar. Then click the “Manual” option. Select “Yes” and then complete the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I avoid having my emails marked as spam?

  • Subscriptions should whitelist your email address.
  • Always obtain permission to send emails.
  • Follow the Rules for Email Marketing.
  • Make use of a reputable email marketing program.
  • Proofread Your Emails…
  • Avoid Spammy Subject Lines

2. How can I tell if my emails have been marked as spam?

Check if your emails are being banned by a spam filter using a third-party service such as

  • Navigate to
  • Copy the email address from the First, send your email to field by clicking the “Copy” icon. Keep your window open.

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