How To Send Birthday Wishes By Email?  

Birthdays are always special, especially if they signal our passing years. Okay, contested But when someone takes the time to wish us a happy holiday, it really is wonderful! You can simply send Birthday Wishes By Email: 

1. Select The Birthday Date Automation Scenario
2. Select The Workflow Entry Point 
3. Select Your Birthday Email Template
4. Find The Person’s Birthdate

An automatic marketing email that is delivered to customers on their birthdays is known as a birthday email. Typically, the message emphasises the socially positive event, but its real goal is to boost consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising while also enticing users to visit a site again and make a purchase. 

How To Send Birthday Wishes By Email?

Sending birthday emails to your customers as a business is a great strategy to foster client loyalty and boost revenue. Because, let’s face it, when it’s our birthday, we’re far more likely to splash out and indulge ourselves. You can take the help of people’s increased desire to buy by providing a birthday discount, free delivery, or some other perk.

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Elucidation Of Birthday Emails

A birthday email is a specific kind of message that is sent when a client tells a date as their birthday. On their birthdays or a few days prior to the event, these messages are automatically forwarded to the clients.

Your email tool will automatically check each day to see if a recipient fits the precise day and month once the birthday automation is set up. If so, the email for your birthday will be delivered. This date trigger will occur every year. 

An email you receive on your birthday is known as a birthday email. Simple. But you might be surprised to learn that birthday emails fare remarkably well in email marketing: Compared to other promotional emails, birthday emails have a transaction rate that is 481% greater. Promotional emails bring in 342 % less money than birthday emails.

How Birthday Emails Work?

While these emails provide the customer a special incentive to brighten their day and celebrate the “personal holiday,” their real goal is to boost customer purchases and retention.

How To Send Birthday Wishes By Email?

Creativity is important while crafting your birthday emails. There should be a variety of templates available from your email service provider that may be altered to better represent your brand.

Why Are Birthday Emails So Important?

Birthday emails, as we previously discussed, are advantageous for both the client and the business. Sending a birthday email can be done for a number of reasons, including:

  • Keeping in mind your clients’ needs.
  • Reminding prospective clients that you exist and that you probably have the solution they require.
  • Demonstrating dedication to current clients and subscribers.
  • Gaining goodwill that will probably result in referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Boosting sales (while the birthday person may receive a complimentary dinner, they are generally not dining alone.)
  • Renewed retention (80 percent of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.)
  • Increasing consumer interaction.
  • The development of a sense of community.

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How To Design An Awesome Birthday Email Template?

Choose a happy birthday email template that makes your receiver smile. Make it joyful, vibrant, and celebratory. Make sure your birthday surprise is worthwhile in terms of content.

Even though discounts are not required, it is advised that you add value and make your birthday email worthwhile.

A birthday email should be warm and entertaining, providing the recipient something in addition to congratulations. A reduction in price, a unique promotion, or a free gift with purchase are all options.

To make the email feel more personalised, put your customer’s name in the subject line or body of the message. You can further personalise the email by including whatever data you have about the family, hobbies, and interests of your consumers.

Briefly summarise what you’re offering to support their celebration in the email and keep it short. These emails can be distributed prior to or on the recipient’s birthday. You must, however, make sure that the option you select is reflected in your copy.

How To Send Birthday Wishes By Email?

How To Set Up Automated Birthday Emails With Sendinblue?

Birthday emails are among the simplest automation procedures to implement, as was already indicated. There is some sort of automation capability included in almost all email marketing services.

Here’s how you could set up automated birthday emails with Sendinblue:

1. Select The Birthday Date Automation Scenario

On your Sendinblue dashboard, click the “Automation” tab, and then click “Create a workflow.” This screen will appear when you log in, and you can choose “Birthday Date” from it.

2. Select The Workflow Entry Point 

Here is where the workflow’s starting point is specified. You will be asked to choose one of the contact attributes to serve as the trigger for the workflow each year.

By using the “Date of birth” attribute, the workflow will run annually on that day. You may also tell SendinBlue how frequently it should check to see if a contact is celebrating an anniversary.

3. Select Your Birthday Email Template

Once you click “Ok,” a new screen will appear. It’s now time to choose the birthday email template that you previously generated and saved.

It’ll be available in the drop-down menu. You can choose one of Sendinblue’s default templates and customize it with your information if you didn’t get around to creating an original template.

After clicking “Finish,” verify all the information (and run the workflow to be sure), and then click “Activate the workflow.”

4. Find The Person’s Birthdate

You must include “Date of birth” as an extra field on your initial email signup form as a Sendinblue user in order to collect the information.

You can make this section optional or subsequently request the information by sending an Update Profile form if you believe that customers might be reluctant to provide it up front. Currently, getting people to join your email list is your major objective.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I send a birthday greeting in Gmail?

Compose, and write your email, but don’t include an address. If you use an automatic signature, you’re going to want to delete it from this message. Do put in a subject, because that’s going to become the name of the template.

Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the bar with the Send button. You should see an option called Templates. Next, select “Save draft as template.”

Now you’ve got a template. Click on Compose and then those 3 dots once more to use it,Choose Templates. Find the template you want, and click on it. This will include the whole email in your message. All you have to do is address it and click Send.

2. How can I send happy birthday wishes?

Select a cheerful birthday email template that will cheer up your recipient. Make it jubilant, upbeat, and joyous. Make sure the substance of your birthday surprise is worthwhile. 

3. How can I send sad birthday wishes?

However, other people experience ambivalence, worry, or depression on their birthdays. But whether we like them or not, they must come once a year and cannot be avoided.

With a good message, kind deed, or sympathetic viewpoint, you can overcome that depressing birthday status. 

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