How To Mark Gmail As Urgent?

Want to send an email that looks like something important or mark Gmail as urgent. But as you know Gmail doesn’t provide such features, and any mail sent by you will look like regular mail to the recipient.

Although, there’s no in-built feature available in your Gmail app for this job. But after going through a wide range of reports and forums, we found that there’s a workaround that can help you in this. And we are pretty sure that after going through this workaround all your queries related to marking Gmail as urgent in your Gmail account will be answered, Trust Me.

As we said there is no direct option available in Gmail to mark an outgoing email in your account as highly important or we can say urgently

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However, in case you wish to mark an email important in your Inbox folder for any future reference then with a few simple steps, you can do this.

To do this, just follow these steps-

⦁ First, you have to Sign in to your Gmail account on your browser.
⦁ After you get logged in to your Gmail account, just click on the Inbox folder section.
⦁ Now, from your Inbox find that particular email that you want to mark as a highly important or an urgent mail.
⦁ No need to open the mail, simply click on the Star icon present in the right corner. This Star will mark that particular email as urgent.

Well, this is when you have received an email and wish to have it on your list of important emails. But if you have a question- How to send Gmail with high importance? Then this can only be done when you have configured your Gmail account on Outlook.

How To Send Email With High Importance In Gmail?

As we said, the very first thing to do when you wish to send a high-importance Gmail is to have configured your Gmail account on Outlook. When you are done with this, just follow these steps-

⦁ First, you have to open up your Outlook program on your computer.
⦁ Now, at the top of the Window, you will find a Home option, tap it.
⦁ After this, just click on the New Email button, which you can find in the left corner of the ribbon.
⦁ A window will open up, at the top of the Window, you will notice a Message tab, tap it.
⦁ Here’s the most important step, from the Tags section of the ribbon you have to find and select the High Importance button.

This is how to mark an email as important in Outlook, now you can go ahead with composing your email and click on the Send button. This feature will send your mail with a high priority or we can say high importance that can be easily figured out at the receiver’s end.

How To Mark Gmail As Urgent?The Result:

The time when your email reaches the recipient, it will be displayed with a red exclamation mark. The recipient can see this red exclamation mark just next to the email in their following Outlook inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does Gmail Itself Mark Everything As Important?

Gmail has lots of advanced features and one of these is how it uses several signals to decide which message to automatically mark important and which do not. Well, the reason behind this is Keywords along with analyzing some other factors too like archive, delete, etc.

2. How To Mark High Importance In Yahoo Mail?

To mark high importance in Yahoo mail, you have to adjust some Priority settings in your mail account.
Here’s how you can do it-

⦁ First, you have to compose the mail body.
⦁ Now, click on “Options,” > “Priority,” then adjust the level of importance you wish to have, and then select once.
⦁ Now click on the “Send” button and your mail will be marked important on the recipient end.

3. What Are High Priority Emails?

Recently, Gmail has added a new feature in its latest update for its smartphone apps. This feature allows you to change the priority of email notifications. This means you will be notified only for high-priority emails as per your adjustments.

you get notifications. And in addition to this, you can even enable them on a per-account basis in case you have multiple accounts configured.

4. How Do I Stop Emails From Moving Into The Important Folder?

It’s quite easy and simple, just you have to follow these steps to stop your receiving emails from going into the important folder-

⦁ First, Log in to your Gmail account using your account credentials.
⦁ At the top right corner of your Gmail window, you will see a Gear icon, tap it, and from the drop-down menu select Settings.
⦁ Now, from the Settings select the Labels tab.
⦁ From the labels list, look for the Important label and then untick the option: Show in IMAP.
⦁ Return to your Gmail homepage. Don’t worry! Your changes in the Setting will be saved automatically

5. What Is The Difference Between An Important And Starred Mail?

The major difference between a mail sent as important and a mail sent as starring is that- after you read an important mail for once it will disappear from the important list.
On the other hand, Starring mail is somewhat similar to pinning it to the corkboard. This Starred mail will only disappear when you remove the star mark.

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